Branch Network Evaluation

What is the potential for each of your branches to add positively to the financial performance of your organization? With a Branch Network Evaluation, The Redmond Company provides a full review of all your branches. After a review of all the data, we will make recommendations on which facilities should remain open, relocate, consolidate, or be closed. We will consider Facility Performance Indicators including:
  • Location Potential
    • Current and future potential competitor type, proximity, and count
  • Convenience of Branches
    • Convenience of branch within the market and in relationship to desired residential and/or commercial client base and target client demographics
  • Site Logistics
    • Logistics related to and surrounding the site
  • Building Assessment
    • Building condition, value, appeal and building layout
  • Retail Synergy
    • Review of neighboring retail synergy and presence
We will request you to provide us with:
  • Management and Staff Effectiveness
  • Pricing of Products and Services
The Redmond Company