MidAmerica National Bank

MidAmerica National Bank was looking for more operational space at their main office as well as updating their retail space with new technology and branding opportunities. Keeping our clients competitive in this ever-changing environment is a focal point that sets Redmond apart. Redmond’s financial design team, industry leaders in rethinking the standard concepts of brick-and-mortar, designed a new state of the art facility on their existing lot that allows for continued operation at their existing facility throughout construction, and guided MidAmerica National Bank forward through the new trends and technology advancements in retail banking.

The large, welcoming, double height lobby is the key architectural detail that first draws in and welcomes customers and employees. The clerestory above the lobby allows natural lighting to flood the interior and provides a warm, inviting retail space.  The design also maximizes natural lighting into the lower level work areas by working with the current site grading and providing a partially exposed basement level. The latest technology in the branch was incorporated to enhance the retail experience and allow tellers to become Universal Employees. As the bank moves away from the traditional model with teller stations and customer service representative desks, the new open-floor concept promotes greater interaction through the new Universal Employees who handle a greater variety of customer requests.

Site work begins August 2019 and construction of the new building will begin September 2019. The new ground up 29,500-sf building, which is adjacent to the existing facility, is scheduled to be completed December 2020. The existing building will be demolished after completion of the new main office.

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