State Bank of Waterloo

Located in Columbia, Illinois, the State Bank of Waterloo sought the services of The Redmond Company to build a new bank branch for their growing organization.

Totaling 4,300 square feet, this single story branch will incorporate a clerestory into the design to provide ample daylighting to the facility an Essential Design Element called Daylight Harvesting. It is used, along with exterior views, to keep employees engaged and focused while also increasing productivity and inspiration.

Other branch features: Instead of a traditional teller line, the bank’s interior will utilize a modern cash bar design to provide superior service to its customers. The open concept design will offer expansive view of the interior, allowing full view of the integrated marketing graphics and interactive areas to be unobstructed.┬áSituated on a challenging site with four-sides of architectural requirements, Redmond’s team carefully devised a site plan to maximize the bank’s visibility on the property while maintaining a good traffic flow for customers.

Construction on this new branch will be completed in late November 2018.

The Redmond Company