UFCU Lemmon Valley

The new 2,500-square foot design is the prototype for the Reno-area United Federal Credit Union.   This will be the first implementation of the 2,500-square foot prototype model which was created by the financial design experts at The Redmond Company. By implementing this prototype design at each new location in the area as they grow their organization through their branch deployment process, UFCU will be able to dramatically reduce their costs and maximize their budget. Rather than re-design a new building for each new site, the team utilizes the same basic concept and makes modifications to the building size as needed to appropriately fit the site’s size, topography, and access points. Additionally, depending on zoning requirements and municipal regulations, modifications can be made to the exterior facade, if needed, to meet any architectural guidelines required by the community. The Lemmon Valley location will be a brand-new ground-up branch facility utilizing the prototype design in a highly-trafficked and high-visibility area of Reno.   The Redmond Company is honored to have been selected for more than 20 projects for UFCU. We look forward to continuing our relationship on many additional projects in the coming years.   UFCU Projects by The Redmond Company:  
The Redmond Company