Veridian Credit Union – 144th & Center

Veridian Credit Union 144th & Center in Omaha, Nebraska exterior rendering

Veridian Credit Union utilized the real estate consulting services in selecting the site on 144th & Center in Omaha, Nebraska for their newest branch location.

For this particular site, a tire store was demolished and the new branch, which follows Veridian’s prototype design, will be built.

The prototype, designed by Redmond, will be tweaked slightly to fit within the parameters of the new site and as needed to meet municipal requirements. However, because the branch will be similar in design and materials to the other branches, Veridian Credit Union will experience a drastic savings because there is no need to repeatedly design the branch from square one.

The Redmond Company will also be performing the construction of this building which is estimated to be completed in February 2018.

The Redmond Company