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Riverside Automotive Group – Nissan, Honda, Toyota

Currently located in a shopping center strip mall, the owner of Riverside Automotive Group knew a new location was key to growing their business. Redmond was selected to assist the dealership with a new building on a property purchased down the road from their current site. The new corner property, along a major highway, gives high visibility to the three different brands of Riverside Auto: Honda, Nissan, and Toyota. Redmond’s services include the design/build of a new 36,000 square-foot facility and related site work on the 5-acre parcel. A challenge on this project was the time of year construction was scheduled to begin. Redmond solved this by separating the project design into two phases. The first design documents completed were for an early start package which included site work, concrete, masonry, and structural steel while the second package was the remainder of the building. This strategy expedited the start of the project and allowed Redmond to start the job two months earlier than the standard schedule. The two extra months gave Redmond time to get the building shell up before winter arrived, limiting the costs and difficulties of construction under winter conditions. Completion is scheduled for June 2019.

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Johnson & Sons – Jeep, Dodge, RAM and Chrysler

Johnson & Sons was prepared to grow their business and with the goals of making the dealership more economical and efficient, they selected The Redmond Company as their design/build partner. Redmond designed and is building a new 9,100 square-foot service addition that will expand the service bays from 6 to 12. The project also includes a 1,600 square-foot renovation of the service reception and service advisors area. This two-phase project will complete the new addition in December 2018 and the remodel in February 2019.

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Fields Jaguar Land Rover Volvo Waukesha

Fields Jaguar Land Rover Volvo Waukesha exterior rendering After completing a successful project for the Fields Jaguar Land Rover Volvo team previously at their Madison location, the Fields automotive team selected The Redmond Company to design and build a new Volvo-mandated showroom and renovate their existing Jaguar Land Rover showroom at their Waukesha, Wisconsin dealership. With their current facility optimally positioned on a high-traffic road, they elected to buy the adjacent property to expand its facilities and parking lot. The existing facility, which featured all three of their brands in one showroom, is being renovated to showcase only Jaguar and Land Rover products. By utilizing the existing showroom facilities, the Redmond design team worked around multiple structural support columns in order to save the Fields Auto Group money and not completely demolish and rebuild the existing showroom. An additional challenge of the project is the site itself. There are significant grade changes in the site – there is nearly a 15-foot difference between the site’s main access point and the existing showroom. The 12,000-square foot renovation of the existing Jaguar Land Rover showroom will finish in Fall 2018. Build on the new, adjacent property is the Volvo showroom, along with a Volvo reception area, offices, lounge, and custom coffee bar. The new 9,000-square foot Volvo showroom was completed Spring 2018. Photos of the completed Volvo facility are available here: Fields Volvo Waukesha Showroom Also currently in design is the new Fields Jaguar Land Rover facility in Madison, Wisconsin.    
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