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OMNI Community Credit Union

OMNI CCU Sturgis Branch RenderingBattle Creek based OMNI Community Credit Union announced the 2020 opening of their new branch and OMNI Center in Sturgis, Michigan. The 4,190 square-foot full-service Credit Union Branch includes a 2,200 square-foot Tenant space and adjoining open breezeway. Café seating is located in front of both the Branch and Tenant space.

The building’s design, by architect Mike Parnon of BrandPoint Design, was created to showcase OMNI’s Community level, award winning Member Service through innovative Member-centric consulting offices, compelling graphics, and a Community suite for after-hours use. The branch includes contemporary Credit Union delivery channels and a platform for enhanced personal service. The new building design includes OMNI’s branded blue colors in terrazzo flooring, wall colors, and millwork and pairs it with the efficient technology and video messaging.

The new OMNI Community Credit Union Center concept features a semi-circular façade with a radial parking design and 80’ American Flag on a central plaza facing a primary retail street. Decorative masonry and storefront glass, with tinted graphic accents, highlight the building design. The connecting Breezeway includes a prominent vaulted arch with glazed masonry columns in OMNI’s branded colors and serves as a pedestrian connector from the East to the West portions of the 3-acre site.

The interior of the branch features a greeter hub, an internally illuminated logo element, and a Member refreshment area, with comfortable seating, as well as a WI-FI counter. The high ceiling in the central area of the interior includes generous natural lighting as well as branded, specialized lighting elements. The facility is designed to provide Members and visitors with superior Member service in a high-tech, high-touch environment.

The Redmond Company has been chosen to provide General Contracting services.

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First Bank in Marquette, MI

First Bank in Marquette Michigan desired a 2-story solution for prominence on the site.  The Redmond Company’s solution is a unique building with a street frontage unlike any other building in Marquette.

Currently in a facility about a mile down the road that is dated and no longer meets their space or employee needs, First Bank was looking for something with a “WOW” factor to compete with the other financials in town. The design developed by Redmond is an update to the bank’s current traditional aesthetic and business model.

The architectural details are a mix of modern and traditional – a “transitional” aesthetic.  It has the forms and materials one would typically associate with a bank, such as heavy masonry and traditional detailing, with a mix of a modern edge, openness, and rounded forms.  The sloped roofs are functional but also provide an architectural cap to the masonry.

Being in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, climate consideration was important to First Bank and the new facility’s design reflects this in the details.  Sloped roofs, solid mass wall construction, and strategic fenestration serve to keep snow out and heat in.

Construction of the 18,700-sf facility begins in May 2020.

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Veridian Credit Union – Ansborough Facility in Waterloo, IA

The goal of this 2019 Veridian Credit Union project is to freshen up the look of an outdated building and give the branch an architecturally interesting exterior.  This is Veridian Credit Union’s original branch dating back to the 1970s, and while there was a recent interior remodel, the exterior has not been updated in over 40 years.

This project gives prominence to the main entry with a new metal panel portal.  In rethinking the front entry, the solution was both aesthetic as well as functional. It addresses an addition done to the building in the 1990s, which created some confusion as to where members should enter the building. The old standing seam metal façade treatment is being replaced with bright and fresh fiber cement panels.

Managing lead times will be top of mind for our project management team, as much of the project will be coordinating with subcontractors for materials. Locally sourced stone and materials are being used.

This exterior remodel, with small front entry additional and renovation, includes new landscaping to update the credit union’s building. Construction is scheduled for completion by the end of 2019.

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MidAmerica National Bank

MidAmerica National Bank rendering

MidAmerica National Bank was looking for more operational space at their main office as well as updating their retail space with new technology and branding opportunities. Keeping our clients competitive in this ever-changing environment is a focal point that sets Redmond apart. Redmond’s financial design team, industry leaders in rethinking the standard concepts of brick-and-mortar, designed a new state of the art facility on their existing lot that allows for continued operation at their existing facility throughout construction, and guided MidAmerica National Bank forward through the new trends and technology advancements in retail banking.

A welcoming two-story lobby with an open stair to the second floor is the key architectural detail that first draws in and greets customers and employees. The clerestory above the lobby allows natural lighting to flood the interior and provides a warm, inviting retail space. The clerestory also maximizes natural lighting into the interior workspaces that don’t have direct access to perimeter windows. The exterior of the building is a modern twist on a traditional building.  The use of traditional brick with a traditional looking cornice is blended with the more modern metal panels and tall curtainwall windows. The use of solar shades reduce glare at interior spaces while adding interest to the exterior facade. The latest technology in the branch was incorporated to enhance the retail experience and allow tellers to become Universal Employees. As the bank moves away from the traditional model with teller stations and customer service representative desks, the new open-floor concept promotes greater interaction through the new Universal Employees who handle a greater variety of customer requests.

Site work began August 2019 and construction of the new building broke ground on September 26 2019. The new ground up 32,000-sf building, which is adjacent to the existing facility, is scheduled to be completed Spring 2021. The existing building will be demolished after completion of the new main office.

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Financial Plus Credit Union

Financial Plus CU Redmond Rendering

Financial Plus Credit Union selected The Redmond Company to design and build a new, state of the art, retail inspired 7,200-square foot branch.  Financial Plus Credit Union was interested in enhancing the member experience in Morris, Illinois. 

The building will become the new prototype design for Financial Plus Credit Union and will be used in other markets as they continue to grow.  The double height eyebrow feature allows interior branding to be visible from the exterior of the building.  This architectural feature will allow for a unique, interactive interior, drawing members into the branch.

As the industry moves forward with technology, Financial Plus Credit Union will also be incorporating technology into the new branch to improve Member Service and operational efficiency. 

Needing the existing branch to be fully operational throughout construction, the placement of the new building was key. Redmond was able to achieve this by strategically placing the building in a highly visible location on the site, while not disturbing the existing facility.  The Redmond Company takes pride in creating unique solutions to any of the client’s objectives throughout the project process. Construction is scheduled to be completed by Summer 2020.

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United Federal Credit Union – Toscana Park

The Redmond Company has completed over 20 projects for United Federal Credit Union. The Toscana Park branch in Granger, Indiana will be a 2,600-square foot new, ground-up design-build project, that follows the UFCU branding features with teller pods and drive-up. The project is adjacent to the Heritage Square shopping complex and will have an exterior of stone, brick, and engineered wood siding.

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Itasca Bank & Trust – Main Office Renovation

The Redmond Company has the pleasure to work with the Itasca Bank & Trust in redesigning their existing main office.  The building in Itasca, Illinois, consists of two stories of retail lobby space with back of house administrative functions.  Redmond used their expertise in financial institutions to observe a few deficiencies within the existing building.

With adjusting the interior space, Redmond was able to successfully achieve a more efficient space by cutting down on excess circulation space, and increase the safety of the individuals entering the building by relocating the main entrance.  These two objectives provided the following: less blind spots within the retail space for better security, minimized circulation space which allowed future employee space, and increased retail curb presence by relocating the entrance.

The Redmond Company excels in providing financial institutions a design that will maximize employee safety, functionality, and retail presence, and Itasca Bank & Trust is an example of this expertise.  Give us a call to see what we can do for you!

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American Bank Center Administrative Building Dickinson ND

American Bank Center Dickinson ND new rendering

The Redmond Company has the pleasure to be working with the American Bank Center on their new 47,200 square foot administrative building with a retail lobby.  The building in Dickinson, North Dakota, consists of a large open retail lobby on the first floor that integrates the latest technology in an inviting retail environment providing customers an innovative retail experience. 

Teller pod areas close to the two main entrances to the building allow for ease of transactions, while the double height lobby space floods the interior with natural light and invites customers to relax and learn more about American Bank Center’s product offerings in the customer lounge spaces.  All of American Bank Center’s product offerings will be available at this new location including trust, insurance, retail banking, and lending, and the open floor plan design will allow customers access to all American Bank Center has to offer.  The double height lobby space provides connection between the first-floor lobby and customer facing areas on the 2nd floor.  The 3rd floor will include a large training facility for the bank and the clerestory glass will allow ample natural light to brighten this space. 

The building will be located on the SW corner of the site to maximize views from the nearby main street and a large main entrance off of 1st Avenue as well as another primary entrance at the north parking lot offers convenience to customers.  This location will also have a drive up located on the east side of the building.  

Article in The Dickinson Press

The Redmond Company excels in providing financial institutions a design that will maximize employee safety, functionality, and retail presence. Give us a call to see what we can do for you!

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United Federal Credit Union – Bible Way Branch

The Redmond Company has completed over 20 projects for United Federal Credit Union. The Bible Way branch in Reno, Nevada will be an 8,000-square foot interior and exterior remodel with the design following the UFCU branding features. The project involves rebranding the current building’s exterior and interior, new remote drive-up, and teller pods.  Construction is scheduled for completion in summer 2019.

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