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UnitedOne Credit Union

Taking on a remodel project is a big investment of time and money. When UnitedOne’s Board of Directors decided to remodel our two Sheboygan branches, it was important we find a partner who understood us. After working with two design/build firms, it was decided to go with The Redmond Company, and we are very pleased with the results.

We were impressed with their knowledge of credit unions and branding, their quality of work, professionalism, communication and transparency. We felt Redmond only wanted what was best for the credit union and our members! Redmond exceeded our expectations, at a cost that was substantially less than the other firm’s bid.

I would recommend The Redmond Company – they helped us strengthen our brand, while saving the credit union, and our members, a substantial amount of money.

– Kim Rooney, President

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El Paso Area Teachers Federal Credit Union

I’m very happy to report our new 32,000 SF beautiful operations center was completed ahead of time, under budget and was completed with the highest quality standards!  The process The Redmond Company utilized to understand space needs, operational requirements, and aesthetic desires amongst various people with different opinions was very efficient and effective. Redmond produced realistic budget estimates that allowed us to meet our commitments to the Board without requiring additional approvals later in the project. If an unexpected matter occurred in the project, Redmond’s Director of Financial Facilities fairly and reasonably approached it in partnership manner with us as the Owner. Redmond’s onsite Superintendent had decades of experience, which gave us peace of mind throughout the entire turnkey project. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to build a new facility. As a matter of fact, we were so pleased with Redmond, we hired them to design and build our new branch.

– Max Villaronga, President and CEO

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Capital Credit Union

 Redmond is pleased to report that the project was completed well under budget, returning 100% of the project contingency to the credit union!

“We are very pleased with the Redmond Company and their team. They finished our project on time and well under budget!  They catered to our wishes throughout the project, with the utmost of professionalism.”

– Tom Young, President

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Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union

Our new corporate center is a contemporary 82,500 square foot facility which houses an 8,500 square foot state of the art branch. We were seeking a building with improved work flow from each department to the next. Natural lighting, complemented with lighter warm and welcoming colors, was also a high priority for us. We met with the Redmond team and, after consulting with our leadership team and performing a needs analysis, they designed and constructed a building that has worked out very well for our staff and members. We hear comments from our members who say “this is by far the nicest building in town” and our staff will make comments such as “I never dreamed I would be working in a facility as nice as this”.

There is no doubt that happy and satisfied workers perform on a higher level which translates into an improved business environment. Member retention will increase due to their positive experience transacting their financial business here. Our new corporate center is the pride of ETFCU and will satisfy our needs for years to come. It truly is a manifestation of the collective success of this organization. Our staff is proud to work in our new facility and our members look forward to coming in to transact their business with us.

I would recommend the Redmond Group to any organization looking to design and build a first class retail or administration facility.


Bill Schirmer

President / CEO

Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union

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Veridian Credit Union

Veridian Credit Union logo With extensive knowledge of financial and retail design, The Redmond Company was easily the best choice for our projects. A main objective of our new branch prototype was to incorporate retail design strategies. Redmond’s years of experience with major retailers like Walgreens, Starbucks, and Panera proved they know what they’re doing. Redmond has incorporated many proven retail sales concepts and strategies into our new prototype to provide a unique experience for our members. We are so pleased with Redmond that we are now working on our 5th project together. – Mark Koppedryer, Vice President of Branches See the projects The Redmond Company has completed for Veridian Credit Union: – Veridian Credit Union – Maple Road, Omaha Nebraska – Veridian Credit Union – Council Bluffs, Iowa
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Family First Credit Union

Family First Credit Union We love Redmond’s webcam on our new branch project. Everyone on our staff uses it to keep up-to-date on the progress of construction. We hired The Redmond Company to see our project through site zoning and planning to the completion of the building of our new branch office and remodeling of our current office. We were kept informed of progress at all times and are very happy with the service and professionalism they have shown us. Their whole team is great and a real pleasure to do business with. – Sally Kohlhoff, CEO
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PyraMax Bank

PyraMax Bank We had questions about our presence in the Franklin market. Redmond’s consulting staff assisted us in answering those, and their design and construction staff gave us a great new look that we’ll use for our new branches. – Rick Janowski, Vice President of Facilities
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Filer Credit Union

Filer Credit Union It was great working with the Redmond team on our Main Office remodel. They’re good people who kept us informed of our project status. Our entire operation has been turned around and our staff and members are really happy. – Dave Ohman, CEO
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Union Bank of Blair

Union Bank of Blair We chose Redmond based on their experience in the financial market. I couldn’t be more satisfied. I would strongly recommend Redmond to anyone – they delivered quality in every step, from architectural design through construction. – Carl Axness, President
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