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Bank Midwest – New Ulm

Bank Midwest New Ulm, Minnesota exterior rendering











Bank Midwest was looking for more space in their existing New Ulm, Minnesota branch facility. As a result, this new 6,415-square foot ground-up facility will replace the existing branch.

Design and built by The Redmond Company, the new branch facility will implement the bank’s branded designs while paying homage to the former historic building on the site with stone arched windows. A historic marker and park space on the site will commemorate this historic New Ulm residence and the utilization of the re-purposed bricks in the design of the park benches.

The building will use an energy-efficient hot water heating system with in-floor radiant heat, utilizing steam from the city, as its heating source.

Bank Midwest has a strong tradition of incorporating technology into their customer experience. The New Ulm branch will also include multiple retail touch points including a multi-panel touch screen information wall, a large media wall behind the tellers, tablet stations by the waiting area, and an afterhours ITM in the vestibule. The bank’s strong connection to the New Ulm community will be portrayed in a large community mural above the teller pods.

The New Ulm branch will be the 5th project The Redmond Company has completed for Bank Midwest.

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El Paso Teachers Federal Credit Union – Operations Center

El Paso Teachers Federal Credit Union exterior rendering, El Paso, Texas











Currently under construction and on schedule to be fully completed in Spring of 2018, The Redmond Company has designed and is building a new Operations Center for the El Paso Teachers Federal Credit Union in El Paso, Texas.

This two-story, 32,000-square foot facility will accommodate the Credit Union’s current employees and allows for room and growth for the next 10 years. When fully utilized, the building will be able to house a projected 180 employees.

The Operations Center has numerous design features to encourage a healthy and collaborative workplace. A centrally-located cafe will act as a social hub and greeting space for the building. A spacious break room will act as a retreat from workstations and will offer employees ample daylight and varying seating options. LED lighting will be incorporated throughout the facility as a ‘green’ solution to lighting, while natural daylighting floods the building with light and outdoor views from all open and private office spaces. The work spaces will have furniture featuring ergonomically-designed solutions, including sit-stand elements. The multiple conference rooms of varying sizes will provide the Credit Union with greatly-needed meeting space. The interior design of the Operations Center have been described as “playful”, providing employees an interesting work environment.

The construction of this project will utilize more than 50 local construction companies, suppliers, and vendors and will employ over 150 local tradespeople. Nearly 90% of the project costs will be reinvested in the firms that live and work in the El Paso area.

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American Bancor

The Redmond Company was selected to provide real estate consulting services including site recommendation and the selection of the 1-acre site in Bismarck, ND for American Bancor. Redmond is also designing and will be building the new ground-up multi-tenant facility.

The new facility will be designed using elements that are similar to American Bancor’s existing facility to build on brand recognition. The design includes a metal roof and flat metal panels to call attention to the main facade facing the main street. A raised clerestory will run the length of the bank property. The bank’s entrance will be marked with smooth cast stone. Large canopies will act as sunshades above each oversized retail window. Horizontal wood panels along the roofline will offer a unique architectural detail.

A unique detail of this project is that the new building is designed to be a multi-tenant facility. American Bancor will house its branch operations in approximately 2,250 square feet while the remaining 2,009 square feet will be leased to a retail tenant.

Currently in design, the project is expected to begin construction in spring 2017 with construction completion in late fall 2017.

American Bancor

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Elmhurst BMW

Currently in the design phase, The Redmond Company’s automotive experts have been selected to design and build an addition and complete a remodel of the Elmhurst BMW dealership in Elmhurst, Illinois.

The 50,000-square foot project entails the demolition of the existing showroom and re-creating it to meet BMW’s current corporate standards. Additionally, the Redmond team will be renovating the existing service drive and an existing empty garage. The new service area will feature 25 service bays and 4 detailing bays.

The impressive showroom will be an open 2-story design featuring a 30-foot glass wall at the front of the showroom. Administrative and executive offices will be housed on the second floor with an open balcony overlooking the showroom. The new BMW corporate standards feature a unique “street” concept for the vehicle displays. The vehicles will be arranged in a line down the showroom, as if they were driving on the road. A white slice wall will feature the exceptional M-series and I-series vehicles.

The building’s exterior will feature substantial glass and white EIFS.

The project is expected to begin construction in summer 2017.

Ettleson BMW

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Ettleson Hyundai

The owners at Ettleson Hyundai in Countryside, Illinois were given a vacant 3-acre plot of land owned by the city with a promise to reinvigorate the area with the development of a new car dealership. After a successful design/build project on their Cadillac Buick GMC store in Hodgkins, Illinois, the Ettleson team again selected the Redmond team to design and build their new Hyundai/Genesis store.

Currently in the design phase, the 25,500-square foot Global Dealership Space Identity (GDSI)-compliant facility will follow Hyundai/Genesis design specifications. This will include a unique architectural design concept which incorporates textural elements meant to emulate the sky and trees. The open and airy showroom will be based around three design elements – Landscape, Vertical Green and Shaped Sky. There will also be a specific space for Hyundai’s new-to-the-U.S. luxury brand, Genesis, in the Genesis Studio. In this showroom, customers will be able to explore and touch the options available for their new vehicle’s custom interior and exterior.

To maximize parking on the site, Redmond’s design team will be utilizing an underground detention system which will collect the site’s run-off water into large pipes buried under the facility. Gradually, this water will be released into the city’s sewer so as not to overwhelm the system during high-volume storms. Additionally, the Redmond team will be pursuing city approval for paving setbacks reductions to further maximize the parking on the site.

The project is scheduled to be completed in early 2018.

Ettleson Hyundai

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Fields Jaguar Land Rover Volvo Waukesha

After completing a successful project for the Fields Jaguar Land Rover Volvo team previously at their Madison location, the Fields automotive team has selected The Redmond Company to design and build a new Volvo-mandated showroom and renovate their existing Jaguar Land Rover showroom at their Waukesha, Wisconsin dealership.

With their current facility optimally positioned on a highly-trafficked road, the Fields group elected to buy the adjacent property to expand its facilities and parking lot. The existing facility, which currently features all three of their brands in one showroom, will be renovated to showcase only Jaguar and Land Rover products. A new Volvo showroom along with a Volvo reception area will be constructed adjacent to the existing showroom.

By utilizing the existing showroom facilities, the Redmond design team will be working around multiple structural support columns. As the columns are essential to the structural integrity of the building, they cannot be altered.

An additional challenge of the project will be the site itself. There are significant grade changes in the site – there is nearly a 15′ difference between the site’s main access point and the existing showroom. The owner has requested that the new Volvo showroom sit at the same grade-level as the existing showroom. As a result, extensive earthwork will be required, along with creative site planning and use of retaining walls.

Currently in the design phase, the 9,000-square foot Volvo showroom is scheduled to be completed by Fall 2017 and the 12,000-square foot renovation of the existing Jaguar Land Rover showroom will finish in Spring 2018.

Also currently in design is the new Fields Jaguar Land Rover facility in Madison, Wisconsin.

Fields Jaguar Land Rover Volvo Waukesha front elevation


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Fields Jaguar Land Rover Volvo – Madison

After completing a successful project for the Fields Jaguar Land Rover Volvo team previously at their Madison location, The Redmond Company has again been selected to design and build a brand-new 34,000-square foot dealership for the auto group in Madison, Wisconsin.

Currently in the design phase, the project is estimated to be complete in late winter 2018.

The Redmond Company also providing real estate consulting and brokerage services on this project.

Also currently in design is the Fields Jaguar Land Rover facility in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Fields Jaguar Land Rover Volvo Madison front elevation







Fields Jaguar Land Rover Volvo Madison angled rendering

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Port Washington State Bank Thiensville

The Redmond Company was selected for the design and construction of the 3,570-square foot branch facility at the intersection of South Main Street and Spring Street in Thiensville, Wisconsin. The branch’s exterior and interior is designed to reflect the Bank’s other branch locations and will include natural materials such as stone and wood. Customer amenities will include a waiting room with 18’ stone fireplace, coffee bar, kids area, and customer technology center. This branch is the seventh project partnership between Port Washington State Bank and The Redmond Company. The project will be completed in Spring 2017.

The Redmond Company has completed another project for Port Washington State Bank in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.



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Lundgren Motors

The Lundgren Motors facility in Eveleth, Minnesota will be a complete tear-down of the existing facility. The new 24,700 square foot facility will be designed to follow the Ford Trustmark Program and will house the Ford and Lincoln brands.


Lundgren Ford Lincoln

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