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Wauwatosa WI Multi-Tenant Retail Development

Wauwatosa WI Multi Tenant Retail DevelopmentRedmond turns vacant DSW store location into multi-tenant retail development.  After being vacant for 3 years, the owner turned to Redmond and our expertise, to turn the Wauwatosa, Wisconsin space into a development.

The tenant space was originally designed specifically for DSW with a large opening between the first and second floor, along with an escalator.  When the retailer relocated to a new location, it became difficult for the landlord to find a tenant large enough to use the two-story space. An additional challenge with the location is that it is connected to a Walgreens Pharmacy.  Walgreens has restrictions on the size and type of business that can be in the same strip mall building for competitive reasons.  Bringing in smaller tenants became the goal of the landlord.

To make the space more appealing and appropriate for a smaller tenant, Redmond was hired to redesign the space. By removing the escalator and infilling the floor opening, this allowed the space to be broken into smaller and more attractive tenant spaces.

While the buildout is still in progress, tenants are already seeking a placement in the development. Redmond specializes in facilities and their highest and best use.

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Advanced Plating Equipment Platform

Advanced Plating Equipment Platform BeforeRedmond helps Advanced Plating, one of Milwaukee Wisconsin’s leading manufacturers, solve facility issue, saving them money, reducing their potential downtime, and increasing operational efficiency.

The plating process requires hot water and when Advanced Plating realized that when their boiler requires repair, production is impacted. Rather than committing resources to a new facility building to house additional boilers, Redmond was able to redesign the existing facility to house the boiler system. The second boiler now provides a redundant boiler system if one boiler is down and the facility can remain operational and profitable.

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Pranke Retail

Pranke Retail Johnson Creek rendering After the successful completion of several other projects for Mike Pranke and his development team, The Redmond Company was again selected for the design and construction of this new multi-tenant retail development in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin. Located adjacent to a major shopping area, the building will house four or five tenants, including two restaurants in the endcap locations, within its 8,900-square feet. Carefully positioned on a 1-acre site, the building will feature detailed architecture on all four sides. The site brings several challenges, including a large wetland area and significant grade changes, requiring the use of retaining walls in the site design. The site is bordered by streets on three sides, thus requiring zoning setbacks and further challenging Redmond’s site planners to develop an efficient yet aesthetically-pleasing layout. Construction on this project is expected to begin in late summer 2017, with completion estimated for spring 2018.
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