Chuck Spaeth Ford – New Ulm, MN

Chuck-Spaeth-Ford-exterior-under-constructionThe Redmond Company was selected for design and construction of this renovation project based on Redmond’s past project experience and dealer-focused approach to manufacturer update programs. Redmond will be attending the first meeting with Ford’s architect, assisting the dealership with proposing cost-saving alternatives driven by potential design modifications, material substitutions and other suggestions based on the dealer’s needs. Redmond’s priority will be to provide the dealer with a cost comparison of the changes he would like to make versus the cost of entering the Ford Trustmark program.  Although still in the design phase, the project will likely consist of an exterior refacade, service and showroom additions and enhancements, a new service reception area, totaling 5,900-square feet of renovations. The project is scheduled to be completed by July 2015.
The Redmond Company