Our construction and scheduling process ensures that your project runs smoothly, on time, and on budget. Redmond uses your members and trusted community partners as subcontractors for your project.


We do not self-perform. What this means for you is that about 90% of every construction labor dollar remains in your community – paid to those who drive your local economy.


Jobsite supervision is managed by a Redmond superintendent who monitors quality, safety, and timelines. Redmond will keep cost, schedule and scope in check while your complex project unfolds. Redmond will complete a thorough qualification of all subcontractors and suppliers – including the ones you specify – to be used on your project. This includes researching their abilities, financial status and reliability. After this vetting process, Redmond provides you with a complete open-book review of all subcontractors researched.


Redmond will make recommendations about who we think you should select, but the ultimate decision about who will perform as a subcontractor or supplier is yours. This partnership approach has resulted in consistent and successful project outcomes for our clients.


Our experience tells us that the pre-construction/construction phase is when project risk is identified and the biggest dollar and cost impact to the project is incurred. We build with the intention of exceeding our client’s expectations for safety, quality, functionality, and aesthetics, while delivering a finished product that stands the test of time.

Our Design Software

Our Design Software The architectural team at The Redmond Company uses some of the industry’s most cutting-edge technology to provide clients with the most realistic and detailed illustrative representations of their completed facility before it is built. We are continually updating to the most current software available, and our staff attends regular training sessions and seminars to remain knowledgeable on the newest capabilities of the programs. The Redmond team uses design software including Photoshop, Sketchup, Revit, AutoCAD, ComCheck, and Revizto.

Experience Counts

  • Redmond has, for our clients and for our own portfolio, procured real estate, designed and built facilities with a total value exceeding a billion dollars.
  • Built or constructed more than 5 million square feet of commercial property.
  • Owned and managed over 1 million square feet of commercial and retail property.
  • Completed over 500 real estate studies.
  • 30-40% of properties we have purchased were not listed for sale.

Trust the Experts

With more than 47 years in the industry, we’re confident we can provide you with the most comprehensive consulting and real estate solutions for your company’s needs.


Redmond has developed more than 3 million square feet of commercial property and completed more than 900 financial facilities and more than 100 automotive projects throughout the country.