Financial Plus Credit Union

The Redmond Company is proud to announce that Financial Plus Credit Union has selected Redmond to design and build a new, state of the art, retail inspired 7,200-square foot, ground up branch.  Financial Plus Credit Union was interested in enhancing the curb appeal and member experience in Morris, Illinois. The new branch will be built on the existing site that Financial Plus currently occupies.

The building will become their new prototype design that can be used in other markets.  The double height eyebrow feature allows interior branding to be expressed to the exterior of the building.  This architectural feature will allow for a unique, interactive interior while drawing the members into the branch.

As the industry moves forward with technology, Financial Plus Credit Union will also be incorporating technology into the new branch to improve Member Service and operational efficiency. Teller Cash Recyclers will increase the speed of transaction which will allow tellers to become universal employees to help cross-sell multiple services provided by Financial Plus.  The universal employees will be able to interact with members on a more personal level.  Wall mounted electronic displays will help present marketing material throughout the space, which can capture the members attention to alleviate wait times.

Needing the existing branch to be fully operational throughout construction, the placement of the new building was key. Redmond was able to achieve this by placing the building centrally within the site.  The Redmond Company takes pride in creating unique solutions to any of the client’s objectives throughout the project process. Construction is scheduled to be completed by Summer 2020.

The Redmond Company