Waukesha Food Pantry

Waukesha Food Pantry logo During the months of October through December, The Redmond Company collects nonperishable food items and household goods for donation to the Waukesha County Food Pantry, a nonprofit community organization dedicated to providing food to the many Waukesha County residents in need. Every year we come up with fun ideas to get employees involved in the donations. We start out October with a pumpkin carving contest where employees vote for their favorites by donating food and household goods to earn voting tickets. After pumpkin carving, the “Penny Wars” begin by dividing our employees into 2 teams with 2 identical containers and having a race to fill the jars with assorted coins. Pennies have a positive value, while silver coins have a negative value. The idea is to have the most value in your container when it’s full, and a more negative value in your opponents container. All of the money raised by the employees during the Penny Wars is matched by The Redmond Company. The month of December ends with The Redmond Company’s infamous Chili Cook Off and Cookie Bake Off. Again employees vote for their favorite by donating food and household goods to earn voting tickets. All the food and money earned during this period is donated to the Food Pantry.      
The Redmond Company