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Every month I travel out to each of the Bank’s branches to meet with the Branch Executive Officer. I use the meeting to find out how things are going, gather client information and make sure that all is well. This morning I was at the Waukesha Office and as I was talking to the Branch Executive Officer, Kathy Macht, she relayed a story about Andy Young. I thought I would share it with you.

Andy was in the Waukesha branch this month getting change for an event taking place at Redmond. He noticed that we had a food barrel in the lobby for the Hunger Task Force. He also noticed that the barrel was empty. Kathy said he left and returned with two bags of groceries from Pick ‘N Save to place in the barrel. He told her he did not want the barrel to be empty, since he knew that the barrel we had at the lobby of the Greenfield office was full.

When I talk about the Bank’s relationship with the Redmond Company, I make sure that everyone understands the difference between a “vendor” and a “partner”. A vendor completes a task, does nothing more and waits to be paid. A partner looks at the entire relationship and works with me to make sure that all aspects of a shared project have been well thought out and addressed. I believe that The Redmond Company is our partner. Not only do Redmond employees I have an opportunity to work with do a great job on building projects we have but they also carry that concern to all their interactions with the Bank. Andy’s caring gesture is just the most recent example of our partnership at work. And I wanted to let you know that I appreciate having The Redmond Company as a partner.

– Karen Murphy, Senior VP of Retail Banking