Redmond Expert Judges Masonry Alliance Competition

Redmond Expert Judges Masonry Alliance Competition

Wisconsin Masonry Alliance

JerryMortier_headshotThe Redmond Company’s Director of Architecture, Jerry Mortier, recently provided his expertise in judging the the Wisconsin Masonry Alliance’s 2016 Excellence in Masonry Competition.

Excellence in Masonry Awards are presented in recognition of masonry projects exemplifying great design, inspiring material usage, and quality construction.

All entries are judged based upon the following:

1. Design creativity – uniqueness of project.
2. Visual impact and acceptance – impression, relationship to site, pedestrian connection.
3. Inspiring material usage – details, features, or solutional elements.
4. Masonry utilization – the material’s relationship in establishing the character and fulfilling the function of the structure.
Winning projects will be exhibited and awards will be presented for the following commercial, residential, and public categories.

Awards will be given in the following categories:

1. Best of Show in Excellence in Masonry Award Program – Project exemplifying masonry at its finest.
2. Best of Clay Masonry – Deemed best project utilizing clay masonry.
3. Merit in Clay Award – Exemplary project utilizing clay masonry.
4. Best of Concrete Masonry – Deemed best project utilizing concrete masonry.
5. Merit in Concrete Masonry– Exemplary project utilizing concrete masonry.
6. Best of Natural Stone Masonry– Deemed best project utilizing natural stone masonry.
7. Merit in Natural Stone Masonry– Exemplary project utilizing natural stone masonry.
8. Best Special Project – Masonry project purposed for energy & environmental preservation or exemplary masonry utilization in a restoration showing before and after.