Center Parc Branch Project Wins Outstanding Branch Design 1st Place Award

Center Parc Branch Project Wins Outstanding Branch Design 1st Place Award

Congratulations Center Parc Credit Union! Their branch in Savannah GA won 1st place for ‘Outstanding Branch Design’ at the national Future Branches for the Innovator Awards. Redmond is extremely honored to be the design/build partner for this incredible project. Thank you Center Parc Credit Union, a division of Atlanta Postal Credit Union, for giving us the opportunity to design and build their branch and their upcoming branches and new main office.

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As APCU expanded their outreach to new markets, they established a new brand, Center Parc Credit Union. The new brand focuses on community and providing great service. The credit union’s goal was to help members and employees flourish. The new brand and branch design was to embrace their aspiration to be the place where members and the neighborhood gather, like a “community park.” This isn’t just a branch for their members – it’s an engaging experience that promotes a sense of community.

Results: Sustainability and Award-Winning BRANCH DESIGN
• The Center Parc branch won first place at the national Future Branches Innovators Award for Outstanding Branch Design. The nature-centered design celebrates the natural landscape with expansive views of the trees and surrounding nature, and embraces sustainability.
• There are three heavy timber curved roof structures designed to mimic the logo on the exterior, highlighting the main interior spaces. These structures allow ample natural light into the interior spaces and reduce the need for electric lighting.
• Interior finish selections reinforced their sustainability goals and park-like experience. All materials were chosen with these objectives in mind, including the carbon neutral carpet laid in a gradient pattern resembling sunlight shining through the trees, reclaimed wood used to highlight focal walls, and sustainably harvested moss wall accents to add texture and biophilia.
• Acoustic baffles over the teller pods resemble the underside of a tree canopy and offer acoustical privacy to members, while wood slat detailing in the millwork and ceiling are reminiscent of a typical park bench.
• One of the favorite areas in the branch is the branded water feature in the lobby. It’s located behind the reception desk and provides the restorative sound of water and a feeling of peace and tranquility within the space.

Results: Community and MEMBER FOCUSED
• The building was designed to enhance members’ experience, promote wellness among members and employees, and provide an asset to the community. The branch includes private consultative spaces for members, a welcome center, and an inviting, light-filled lobby offering a comfortable lounge, coffee bar, and tech center that is shared with members and the community.
• The building also includes a wellness room which offers a quite space for health and retreat, and a large community room flooded with natural light and fully integrated with technology. The community room can be accessed through a private entrance for after hour events.

• The branch has outperformed all projected growth goals and exceeded financial expectations.

“We chose Redmond because they are the most qualified design build company that truly understands credit union operations, WELL design strategies and the design elements that create an environment based around our employees, allowing them to be more comfortable, creative and engaged in their work. We partnered with Redmond early in the branding process to design a branch prototype and it made all the difference and now we have a branch with spaces that embodies the vision of APCU. We’ve been so pleased that we hired the Redmond team to build our additional branches and our new Main Office.” Blake Graham, President/CEO, Atlanta Postal Credit Union