The Redmond Company consulting division uses advanced data analytics, along with 47 years of financial business experience, to provide actionable insight for our clients.


We calculate your most profitable consumer profiles and use this information to select the ideal locations for branch deployment. We also improve your profitability by using The Science of Design to exceed the needs and want of your consumers.


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Prescriptive Data Analytics

Redmond's unique approach to advanced analytics, the Science of Where and business intellegence will transform the way your orga­nization makes the most critical decisions.

Retail Experience

As financial branches continue to evolve into retail spaces, you need a partner who has designed and built hundreds of the most successful retail stores, such as Starbucks, McDonald's, and Panera Bread.

Integrated Technology

Our team uses their extensive knowledge and experience working with financials to examine your current strategy and determine what tools are effectively supporting your operations today, where there are gaps, and what other solutions may be needed to compete at a higher-level tomorrow.

Real Estate

Whether you're trying to locate underserved markets, expand into a new market or evaluate your current branch network, our real estate experts have customized solutions to fit your needs.


Redmond's award-winning design build team has the experience and expertise that allows us to exceed our client's expectations.