Walgreens DePere Development

DePere, WI

16,400 sf

Real Estate

With our long-standing history of success on the development, design, and construction of over 100 Walgreens stores across the country, Redmond’s Development Team purchased this unique property in downtown DePere, Wisconsin, and entered into a long term lease with Walgreens at this site.


This project presented several significant challenges. First, the Redmond Development Group purchased the properties and combined of three separate parcels to create the uniquely-shaped urban site, totaling less than one acre, which was located at one of the area’s busiest intersections in a historical district. Next, the team completed a detailed feasibility/cost analysis to uncover the potential costs of renovating the existing 100-year-old building vs. a controlled demolition and reconstruction of a new facility, including a cost estimate of moving major utilities on the site. Based on that report, Walgreens elected to continue with the careful demolition of the existing building and build a new retail store.


Due to the historical nature of the area, Redmond worked closely with the DePere Historical Society, the city staff, and the project architect to ensure the completed building exterior would blend in with the surrounding architecture and meet the strict requirements of the historical district while remaining economically feasible. The controlled demolition of the existing building was critical as a common wall needed to remain intact. Redmond worked closely with the owner of the adjacent building to ensure the structural integrity of the common wall.


The limited size and location of the site required detailed project phasing. Redmond’s project managers and site superintendents continually monitored and adjusted the project schedule to efficiently coordinate the many subcontractors and effectively work together on the site, leading to a successful and timely completion.


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