Crossroads Shopping Center

Menomonee Falls, WI

210,000 sf redevelopment

Real Estate

The landlords of this shopping center were not developers and requested Redmond’s assistance with the redevelopment of this location in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Redmond provided the landlord with extensive development assistance in order to accommodate Pick ‘n Save’s request for a new store.


As with most grocery and retail stores, minimizing downtime is critical. It was decided to move the grocery store to another location within the shopping center and relocate existing tenants, some of which included a bank and a restaurant, allowing the shopping center and its tenants to remain operational. To successfully manage this, an extensive amount of pre-construction planning, lease negotiations, cost analyses, and scheduling were required. Redmond spent several years planning and coordinating all the moving pieces, creating a detailed master schedule that allowed Pick ‘n Save to have no downtime.


A critical challenge to the project was driven by a federal government regulation: by law, bank facilities can have no more than 12 months operating out of a temporary location. Because the bank was temporarily relocated to a temporary trailer in the parking lot as the construction was in progress, it was essential that the schedule was kept on track to ensure the project was completed in time to allow the bank to move back to its permanent home.


In addition to moving the grocery store and shuffling other tenants, Redmond also completed a refacade of the exterior, refreshing and modernizing the shopping center to create a unified look. Redmond also added an underground detention system to comply with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, and added a new parking lot. Additionally, as the shopping center sits on a site of bedrock, portions of the bedrock shelf had to be demolished and removed, and every major utility was relocated as a result.


Redmond regularly encountered challenges that threatened the master schedule’s progress throughout the duration of this $10 million project, but the project team handled each new obstacle with great diligence, completing the project on schedule.


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