Ettleson GMC Buick

Hodgkins, IL

52,000 sf remodel | 5,000 sf addition

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The Ettleson dealership prides itself on delivering its customers ‘simply the best experience.’ But to provide the best experience for their customers and abide to the new GM’s Facility Image Program, Ettleson needed to revamp their operations and have the Cadillac facility stand-alone from the other GM companies. This dealership previously housed all Cadillac, Buick, and GMC operations in one facility, but the proposed plan  by GM’s architect presented the dealer with some concerns over real estate tax implications, as well as operational efficiencies and energy costs with two stand-alone buildings. Redmond came to the rescue and partnered with the dealer, while working closely with Gensler, GM’s architect, to come up with a solution that was a win-win for both parties.  The project went through many renditions before arriving at the final product that both parties were happy with. The final project consisted of a remodel to the existing facility to make it compliant with the Buick and GMC guidelines, while constructing what appeared to be a stand-alone Cadillac building adjacent to the existing showroom. The key to this remodel that Redmond unlocked was having the buildings connected. This resolution provided the relief the dealer wanted of having to maintain only one building for real estate, operational efficiencies, and energy costs, while also meeting GM’s requirements of having the appearance of a stand-alone building with the added size of the Cadillac showroom.


“We needed a design and construction firm that had the resources and experience negotiating with manufacturer’s architects. Redmond diligently worked with the manufacturer and their architect to obtain approval for a facility design that met my vision for the dealership, while at the same time, complied with GM’s program requirements. The process required multiple iterations of the facility’s design, as well as persistence working through the manufacturer’s communication process. The results are impressive!  I would highly recommend Redmond to any auto dealer.”

– Mike Ettleson, Owner


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