Fields Jaguar Land Rover Volvo – Madison

Madison, WI

34,000 sf new construction

Auto Dealerships

Redmond located a property being listed privately for sale. The site was large enough to house all the automotive brands, provided room for future expansion and was near Madison’s highly-trafficked Beltline Highway. It was surrounded by other luxury dealerships, which would provide the retail synergy Fields desired. Off market properties can be the most cost-efficient solution to clients’ dilemmas. In Fields’ case, Redmond identified The Badger Bowl property, which was two properties adjacent to one another in two different tax authorities. Redmond diligently worked to procure the properties independently on Fields’ behalf to help reduce the added pricing pressure and negotiated with the taxing authorities to merge the property completely into the City of Madison by proposing and implementing a tax sharing agreement between the two municipalities.


The visibility of the dealership from the Beltline Highway and off-ramp needed improvement. Redmond found that increasing the building height instead of the grade would not only be the most cost-effective option but would enhance the presence and visibility of the dealership from the adjacent highway and off-ramp.


A solar energy system on the rooftop of the dealership helps save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Redmond led the effort to include this system in the dealership and worked with the solar contractor and the Focus on Energy program to design and install a system which would earn the dealership energy rebates.


This new 34,000 square-foot building has high-end showrooms, multiple luxury lounges, an in-house staffed snack and beverage cafe, a unique lay-out with a combined service entrance with garage doors labeled for each brand, but same service drive, and a bowling alley. Fields wanted to pay homage to the beloved and iconic Badger Bowl and decided to incorporate a bowling alley into their dealership. Redmond carefully retrieved two of the bowling lanes and the entrance canopy signage during the demolition phase. The integrated bowling alley offers customers with some Badger Bowl nostalgia as well as an enjoyable activity to partake in while waiting for service.


The Redmond Company provided real estate consulting, brokerage, design and build services.


Photos by: Jeff Siegel / An Eye for Business