Warrensburg Ford

Warrensburg, MO

17,300 sf remodel | 2,800 sf addition

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Located in Warrensburg, Missouri, The Redmond Company designed and built a renovation and addition to the Warrensburg Ford Facility.


The existing interior of the facility was outdated. A major challenge The Redmond team conquered was that the construction drawings for the existing facility did not match what had actually been built, so updating and redesigning the facility using the existing plans uncovered multiple inconsistencies during the planning phase.


Another challenge was that the existing site sat in the valley of a steep slope. Anytime it rained, the building would flood. The Redmond design team reconfigured the site and required that the site be regraded and resloped. As a result, the new facility is now surrounded by an efficient and safe parking lot with an averted storm flow.


The Redmond Company’s architectural team utilized the standards of the Ford Trustmark Facility Program to update the facility. Redmond renovated 17,300 sf of the existing building and designed and added a new 2,800 sf service garage. The project was completed and opened in November 2015.