Webb Hyundai

Merrillville & Highland, IN

30,000sf new and 21,000sf renovation/addition

Auto Dealerships

Webb Auto Group is a trusted and growing auto dealership in Illinois and Indiana. As their reputation and success grew, so did the need to expand their Hyundai dealerships in Merrillville and Highland, Indiana. Wanting to create a space that would better serve their customers, the Webb team reached out to The Redmond Company to assist with real estate and the design/build that would ultimately double the size of the current dealerships.


In Merrillville, to improve visibility and give their large showroom a grand presence, Redmond assisted the Webb Auto Group to find and acquire property that is close in proximity to a busy highway. Redmond carefully took the time to review every detail of the building design to fit the vision and functionality of Webb Hyundai’s requirements. Redmond aided the owner in the combination of two adjacent parcels into parcel so the property could be built on.  Redmond worked with utility companies and abandoned existing easements to create new ones that were allowed for the location of the new 30,000sf building.


In Highland, Webb Auto Group had outgrown their facility and wanted to renovate their space to accommodate their growth and reflect the premium service they provide to their customers. The 21,000sf renovation and addition includes a larger showroom, additional service areas, four new electric vehicle charging stations, with the ability to expand in the future, additional restrooms for service technicians, a car wash, and a new car delivery area.


The interior and exterior of the facilities reflect the Global Dealership Space Identity (GDSI) initiative being used at Hyundai dealerships around the world. Designed to mimic nature, the facilities feature a modern, open showroom with floor-to-ceiling glass and a custom bronze-colored metal panel cladding. The slanted columns in the showroom resemble a bamboo forest, the tile flooring looks like rocky landscapes, and the custom sky shape metal panel mirrors the sky. Each facility also includes modern furniture, customer lounge with refreshments, digital kiosks, and merchandising. These elements, along with several other green initiatives, were put in place as Hyundai moves a substantial portion of its fleet to hybrids and electric vehicles.


Webb Hyundai’s new facilities will help Webb Auto Group expand to maximize their operational efficiencies, satisfying their business and operational needs while simultaneously delivering an exceptional experience to their customers. The Redmond Company is honored to have been chosen as their partner.


Photography: Dandy Architecture Photography