Lundgren Motors

Eveleth, MN

24,700 sf new construction

Auto Dealerships

Bruce and Leeanne Lundgren initially selected Redmond to provide design and construction services for a Ford Trustmark remodel or new build of their dual-franchise Ford Lincoln dealership.


Two different sites in nearby towns were considered by the owners for their new store, as the municipalities were offering Tax Incremental Financing incentives which could offset their development costs.  Redmond’s team of real estate and financial experts provided comprehensive consulting and analysis services so that the owners could evaluate building a new facility at a different site or remaining at their current location. After completion of these evaluations, the owners decided to remain on their existing site, as it would be the most cost-effective solution while still serving their customer base.


Based on the age and condition of their existing facility, Redmond’s project team prepared a cost comparison between a remodeling project and a new ground up facility.  The existing building and site had significant structural and grading problems that made it vulnerable to flooding in parts of the facility.  Based on their review of the financial analyses, the owners decided to move forward with a new, ground up 24,700 sf dealership facility, the scope of which would be very complex since the new building was constructed in the exact footprint as the existing facility.  Redmond’s project team demolished one half of the existing building, while Lundgren’s personnel worked out of the service department’s remaining half of the building and a sales trailer until the new portion of the building was built.  The personnel were then transitioned into the new portion of building while the remainder of the building was demolished and rebuilt.  The amazing result was a brand-new building on the footprint of the original existing facility.


Due to the lot’s size, construction of the new building took place immediately adjacent to the existing one, with very narrow clearances, making the phasing and execution of demolition and construction significantly more difficult than an average construction project. Redmond’s team successfully used extra care and precision in managing all site development operations, resulting in a new facility that was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.


Photos by:  David J Turner Photography