• Jacobs Naperville IL
  • Jacobs Naperville IL
  • Jacobs Naperville IL
Jacobs on Ambassador Drive

Hinsdale, IL

17,000 sf remodel

Auto Dealerships

Decades of experience working on more than 90 dealership projects made The Redmond Company the perfect choice to again partner with the Jacobs Automotive Group to expand their operations. The fourth project for Jacobs was in Naperville, IL and involved the renovation of nearly 17,000 sf at their existing site.


Renovations included creating a front office area, shop area, storage area, a 1,075 sf attached car wash, and the integration of a top-of-the-line paint booth and mixing room. With energy conservation at the forefront of today’s businesses, new insulation was added to existing walls to improve the building envelope thermal efficiency.