Village Square Shopping Center

Village Square Shopping Center

Delafield, WI

25-acre development


The Village Square Shopping Center in Delafield, Wisconsin project involved not only building a 51,000 sf grocery store, a 24,000 sf retail strip on the north side of the site, and a 12,000 sf retail strip on the south side; it also involved extensive site development work on the 25-acre site.


The Redmond Company’s team carefully cleared the land and built five retention ponds under the watchful eyes of the City of Delafield and environmentalists who were concerned with the possible destruction of native tree species.


At the beginning of the project, the city built a well house on site, and during the flushing of the well, the site was heavily flooded. Afterwards, the 200,000-gallon city reservoir overflowed, thus flooding the site again. Toward the end of the project, with highway and store construction occurring during a very dry summer, the site experienced the opposite problem and The Redmond Company’s dust and noise control procedures were immediately put into action.


In day-to-day efforts, The Redmond team was instrumental in coordinating over one mile of State Highway 83 widening, and the installation of turn lanes, traffic signals, and access points to the site. We worked with a consulting engineer, State Department of Transportation staff, city personnel, neighbors, and a friendly competitor who was working across the highway. Our site superintendent helped keep the communications flowing and served as the project’s troubleshooter when needed. Each night, our staff reviewed the strategic placement of orange barrels and signage to safely direct both the construction crews and the commuting public.


The two-story Pick ‘n Save store includes a clock tower, cupolas, and a gazebo.


While not every available space at the Village Square Shopping Center had tenants move in initially, the shopping center was built to accommodate multi-tenants in the two retail buildings along with the preparation of building pads for future construction.


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