Well-MKE – Embody Yoga

Glendale, WI

1,100 sf remodel


A unique project promoting overall wellness.

Joanna Brooks, owner of Embody Yoga, dreamed of opening a wellness center with a special focus on encouraging Black women in the community to focus more on self-care and mindfulness. That dream has become a reality thanks to her partnership with The Redmond Company. As an avid yoga practitioner himself, Jim Voelz, one of Redmond’s owners, provided invaluable guidance on the project to bring Joanna’s vision to life. The 1,100-sf renovation of an existing and very dated, tenant space included demolition of both the floor and ceiling, and new finishes throughout. The smaller scale of the project and short timeline presented some challenges; however, Redmond was able to easily navigate by drawing on past experience and having great relationships with subcontractors.


The project required two separate studio spaces. To fulfill that need, but also offer flexibility, the Redmond Team installed an operable partition that could easily convert from two spaces to one large space. This allowed Embody Yoga to expand their services and reach more people. The mirrored partition is not only functional, but also creates a larger feeling in each of the studios making it a more enjoyable and relaxing yoga experience.


The studios have been styled by Redmond’s Interior Design Team to reflect a jungle and a desert theme. The jungle studio is flooded with natural light and an abundance of plants. A palette featuring soothing earth tones promotes healing and rejuvenation. The desert studio offers hot yoga, which utilizes eight radiant heat panels on the walls and within the ceiling grid to reach 95 degrees during class. Color-changing LED lights and a state-of-the-art speaker system create the ultimate yoga experience for Embody Yoga students and instructors.


The space has been transformed into an amazing environment that induces physical and emotional responses of joy, happiness, and relaxation, and most importantly is a place to create meaningful connections within the community.