Walgreens – Glenview

Glenview, IL

16,600 sf renovation


Located in a high-profile area of Glenview, Illinois, many of the Walgreens executives shopped at the original Walgreens store in this strip mall property. The store, however, had a dated façade and was still using an outdated interior design. Initially, Walgreens thought they would have to demolish the outdated store, but after hiring The Redmond Company, they were presented with several options for scheduling to complete the store renovations and additions without a complete knock-down, giving both the exterior and interior an update to the 2015 Walgreens design standards.


As the store remained open throughout the construction process, the Redmond team had to continuously reassess the project schedule and make adjustments as needed to accommodate the store and its anticipated high-traffic days. The schedule was modified to include sub-phases to allow flexibility around this ever-changing schedule. Products and departments were often physically moved around the store to allow work to be completed. In fact, the only element of the store that did not experience a change was the location of the front door!


The project was estimated to take one year to complete, but due to the accelerated schedule and superior management of the project, it was completed two months early and under budget.


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