Walgreens – Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake, IL

14,800 sf


Located on a highly visible site in Crystal Lake, Illinois, this project presented The Redmond Company with considerable site and safety challenges. The project included a tremendous amount of site work and site improvements. Redmond worked closely with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) on two specific aspects of the site. First, to widen IL-176 to accommodate a turn lane. Second, during construction, Redmond was presented with additional utility conditions that required close coordination with IDOT. To access the utilities, Redmond had to perform directional boring 15 feet down for a distance of 100 feet under Illinois Route 31. Because large obstacles were encountered, digging had to be done by hand rather than using equipment. For the protection of the workers digging in a confined space, Redmond held special safety meetings and monitored safety requirements closely.


According to a Walgreens executive, this project had the shortest pre-punchlist in his career with Walgreens.


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