Staybridge Suites Hotel

Franklin, WI

78,500 sf new construction


The Redmond Company began working with the owner as their development manager during the due diligence and pre-design phases. To minimize project costs, Redmond’s involvement included guiding the owner’s project team through challenges such as environmental, legal, and contaminated soils issues. By working closely with the municipality during the pre-construction phase of the project, Redmond understood and planned for the extra steps the municipality required.


Because the hotel is located within an environmental corridor as well as a Planned Development District, Redmond needed to address wetlands, navigable stream and floodplain issues, Department of Transportation requirements, as well as re-zoning and lengthy municipal review processes. Part of the solution to these complicated site issues was the use of an eco-pave system for the parking lot, which eliminated the need for on-site stormwater detention.


Redmond evaluated multiple structural systems for the building and their associated costs prior to design implementation and bidding. A factor affecting the selection of the structural system was the need to work through a Wisconsin winter while minimizing the cost impact to the project of enclosures and temporary heat.


The solution agreed upon was the utilization of a new, cutting-edge, light-gauge steel framing system. Redmond is proud to be one of the first companies to use this technology in the state of Wisconsin. Also, by using a flooring system that achieved the required sound transmission and fire rating without the need for a topping slab, Redmond was able to reduce the time required to complete the structural frame and deck on each level. This further reduced costs.


Because of Redmond’s early involvement, ability to fill multiple roles during pre-construction, and close coordination with all members of the project team, Redmond was able to meet the owner’s needs and expectations, assure flag standards were honored and adhered to, and deliver a project that satisfies the community’s vision for its future development. Amenities of the five story, 118-suite, extended-stay hotel include a library, theater, fireplace, swimming pool, whirlpool, and courtyard.


“The people of Franklin have waited many years for a new, quality hotel in which to house their friends, family, and business associates.  The community is excited about the arrival of the Staybridge Suites Hotel in Franklin, Wisconsin. The Redmond Company has been extremely responsive in working with the City of Franklin and other governing authorities. We applaud their success in overcoming the project challenges associated with site access, natural wetlands, floodplain, on-site detention and the requirements of the 27th street corridor overlay to the master plan. The Redmond Company has done an excellent job of coordinating the construction efforts associated with this project and we look forward to working with them in our community on future projects.”

– Tom Taylor, Mayor



“The Redmond Company was hired as the general contractor for the Staybridge Suites Hotel project in Franklin, Wisconsin. Redmond’s early involvement in the project allowed us to evaluate multiple structural systems and the costs for building prior to design implementation and bidding, this proved to be extremely valuable in minimizing project costs. The structural system selected was a creative solution that allowed us to work through the Wisconsin winter while minimizing the cost impact of enclosures and temporary heat. Redmond’s involvement in navigating the due diligence phase also proved to be extremely beneficial with environmental challenges, legal, and contaminated soil issues. Working closely with the municipality, we were able to plan for the extra steps that were required. The Redmond Company’s expertise proved to be invaluable to our project and I would not hesitate to recommend their services.”

– Mike Cohen, Partner


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