Capital Credit Union – Green Bay

Green Bay, WI

1,700 sf remodel - branch


The Redmond Company helped Capital Credit Union with their inline branch.


When an opportunity arose to provide additional convenience to their members, Capital Credit Union jumped at the chance, hiring The Redmond Company to design and build a retail inspired branch in a lease space in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin.


The project focused on creating an inviting and comfortable environment within a small footprint; integration of the Capital Credit Union brand, to create a unique and member friendly environment; creating a retail environment using technology tailored to the market place all while staying within or under budget.


To promote the credit union and bring members into the new space, an eye-catching digital marketing media wall is located behind the teller pods. This wall can be seen from the street outside as well as within the fully-branded interior space. Other features of the branch include member meeting booths with sliding glass doors to offer privacy, teller pods, iPad stations, and a comfortable lounge space with bench seating for more casual impromptu meetings with members.


Redmond is pleased to report that the project was completed well under budget, returning 100% of the project contingency to the credit union!


“We are so very pleased with The Redmond Company for our new downtown Green Bay office.  They finished on time and well under budget. They showed professionalism and catered to our wishes all through the project!“

-Tom Young, President


Photos by: Ryan Photography