Johnson Financial Group Delafield

Delafield, WI

2,500 sf - Branch


Programming was critical to modifying a prototype design that retained process efficiencies and brand features yet delivered a reimagined consumer branch experience.

Johnson Financial Group is executing its growth strategy to renovate, relocate, and build new branches across Southeastern Wisconsin. The strategy aims to deliver a modern consumer branch experience while expanding its banking, wealth, and insurance services.  A new Delafield, Wisconsin branch was included in the plan and The Redmond Company, a long-time design/build partner with Johnson Financial Group, was excited to collaborate on this expansion.

Redmond took the original prototype design for the Johnson Financial Group expansion initiative and modified it to fit the needs of the Delafield branch, paying close attention to the existing design style and respecting the history of SC Johnson. The Redmond team led a thorough programming phase to design a smaller-sized prototype that still reflected the brand and branch requirements, resulting in a 2,500-sf structure.

A critical phase of the design process was establishing the building’s square footage while maintaining key retail-design elements and brand consistency. Conscious of cost, it was crucial to adapt the original design and accurately determine the space needed for branch processes and workflows. Leveraging their familiarity with the brand and proven facility programming process, the Redmond team determined the square footage needed in the new facility for both present and future needs, considering the impact of technology and evolving work-from-home/hybrid work environments.

A key design goal was to ensure employees could see the lobby at any given time, enhancing security for both customers and staff. Redmond collaborated with the Johnson Financial team to ensure all cameras and security items were accurately placed and reflected in the design plans.

Years of experience with Johnson Financial Group and a deep understanding of their vision have streamlined our design process, benefiting all parties as their expansion continues.

Photography: Tricia Shay Architectural Photography