Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union

Evansville, IN

83,000 sf new construction - main office


Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union’s (ETFCU) new 82,915 square foot main office and administration building, located at 4401 Theater Drive in Evansville, Indiana, is a state-of-the art facility featuring advanced technology and cutting-edge design. Since 2012, ETFCU has more than tripled its membership, and due to this growth, enlisted the professional services of The Redmond Company to help them design and build a new main office that could offer its members and employees more efficient and convenient financial experiences.


Redmond made it a priority to implement the science and technology of building design and construction into the credit union’s new main office. One of the essential design elements that Redmond incorporated is daylight harvesting. ETFCU’s building features a towering three-story glass front which overflows the interior space with natural light. Enhanced workplace lighting solutions reduces absenteeism by 15% and increases productivity by an average of 11%. collaborative work spaces and dynamic flexible spaces, which are also a part of the essential design elements, are fused into ETFCU’s main office. ETFCU employees now enjoy a variety of workspaces, which helps boast the most productive work environment. These essential design elements, along with others, ensure ETFCU attracts and retains the best available talent in the market.


Immediately upon entering the new main office one is presented with many technological elements that are designed to provide the credit union’s members with better and more accessible financial service. Members now will be able to utilize palm scanners and appointment scheduling to help supplement the speed and security of everyday interactions. Interactive Teller Machines also enable ETFCU members to bypass the traditional approach altogether. The Interactive Teller Machines can be used just like an ATM, or can be used to connect a member with a teller service agent. Additionally, ETFCU offers online and mobile banking demos on phones, tablets, and desktop computers to assist members who are not yet comfortable using self-service banking equipment. Interactive Rate Boards are up in the lobby, as well, which help provide current rates and more. Members simply touch a board’s screen and swipe up or down to learn more about any ETFCU product.


After enlisting the experience and expertise of The Redmond Company, the ETFCU now has a main office facility that is a working instrument helping to make their members and employees day-to-day activities and transactions more productive, efficient, and enjoyable.