Town & Country Bank – Springfield

Springfield, IL

5,600 sf remodel - branch


Because of a recent re-branding effort, Town & Country selected The Redmond Company for design and construction services for an interior remodel of their existing Wabash branch in Springfield, Illinois. Town & Country’s new brand concept focuses around “making connections” with their customers and the community. The goal of the interior redesign was to use the existing Wabash branch as a springboard to showcase this new brand identity.


The tired and cavernous lobby was reduced to about half the size to create a more private and intimate environment. Additionally, brand re-enforcement was added in the form of color, texture and lifestyle graphics creating a more exciting and informative customer environment. As you enter the branch, a soft curved tile pattern addresses the logo wall and the transaction zone. This delivery method promotes customer interaction and reduces the feeling of a barrier. Additionally, a myriad of services can be performed at the transaction zone optimizing and personalizing the customer experience.


The lobby waiting area is open with soft lighting, plush lounge-style furniture, and patterned carpet promoting a comfortable “homey” atmosphere. A refreshment center and kids’ corner makes sure that every customer big and small feels welcomed.


When a more private consultation is required, traditional bank-style offices have been replaced with inviting connection rooms. These rooms have open living room-style seating, branded colors, and glass sidelights promoting private, positive, and personal customer interactions.


The trust offices area is securely tucked behind a set of glass and wood doors, once again promoting interaction yet enhancing the sense of privacy required by customers needing these services.


Additionally, all this was achieved with minimal demolition and construction compared to what is usually found in remodels of this scope and size.   In turn, this optimization meant that, branch operations were maintained throughout the remodel process minimizing customer discomfort and reducing the need for costly construction phasing.


“At Town & Country Bank, we are very driven by our purpose and our unique approach to banking. We needed to create a physical space in which to deliver our desired customer experience. Redmond excelled at taking our philosophies and translating them into a functional space that is not only unique and attractive, but more importantly, based on our purpose. I would strongly encourage anyone considering a remodel or new facility to contact Redmond.”

– Micah Bartlett, President


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