Johnson Bank – Kenosha

Kenosha, WI

5,300 sf remodel - branch


The purpose of this highlighted banking project was to remodel and incorporate Johnson Bank’s brand into their new retail branch in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  The Redmond Company’s designers worked with Johnson Bank to improve their customer connection through brand elements and incorporating a fresh design that transformed the interior of their retail branch. In addition, the new design needed to maximize functionality and integrate technology.

Featured in the design is a new cash bar which allows Universal Bankers to easily greet customers, complete transactions, or meet with customers in the lounge or in an office when privacy is needed.  Also new is the all-glass office fronts with sliding glass doors allowing for great visibility and ample natural light to enter the lobby space.

Incorporating new technology was key, and the design includes online tablet stations, multiple media screens with touch screen technology to provide more information about products and services, and a self-serve coin station in the lobby.  Scent marketing was also incorporated to enhance the customer experience and Johnson Bank brand.